The Power Series

​​More Than a Manuscript

Carla Michelle's debut book moves beyond a good read and serves as a guide to pain-fueled, prolific transformations.  Simple enough to be read in a few settings, it's meaty enough to last a lifetime.  The missing ingredient readers come to recognize is how to use pain in a positive way that can shift the trajectory of their outcomes. 

The Power of Your Pain integrates evocative narrative vignettes with practical applications and interactive questions that put the reader in the driver's seat.  It has since inspired the Power Series - devoted to helping consumers and corporations everywhere who are affected by pain directly or indirectly - and it is tailored for schools, organizations and churches.  

Sessions are available as Keynote Presentations or interactive workshops in forms of 2, 4 or 8 hr. blocks.  Customizable packages available.  


From the Pulpit to the Pew:  When Pain Moves Mountains

Among the greatest tenets of tragedy turned triumph is an awareness of pressure and pain coupled with a desire for growth and change. 

Bible-based, the From Pulpit to Pew Series challenges congregants to channel their pain through the context of their faith, scaling their greatest mountains with confidence and courage.  Designed to strengthen relationships and personal commitments, it is customizable for ministries, conferences & special events.

Key Benefits

  • Compare and Contrast sources of pain encountered in churches and why it should matter to congregations
  • Study painful experiences of responses of prominent and obscure Bible figures
  • Study strategic, faith-based approaches for tackling unbearable pain and their application to modern day situations
  • Investigate the impact of effective pain management on spiritual growth and relationship health
  • Define goals and develop action plans for changes that contribute to spiritual wholeness


How Pain Fuels Plans for Pleasing Your Patrons

Are you frustrated by inefficiencies in your organization?  Seeking new ways to gain a competitive edge?  Your answer is often in your discomfort, or that of your clients. 

Find out how to significantly reduce company deficiencies and dramatically heighten customer satisfaction - by diminishing the pains of both patron and producer. The Pleasing Patron Series helps organizations reconnect relationships to profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Identify the sources of pain germane to organizational challenges
  • Dissect the importance of patrons' pain or discomfort as indicators of their preferences and roadmaps to profitability
  • Delve into the dynamic of verbal and nonverbal customer communication and how it impacts the bottom line
  • Distinguish why empathy and emotional intelligence can increase your competitive edge
  • Engage employees in reevaluating the alignment of personal passion with company goals


Pushing Pain to the Forefront of Student Performance

Seldom do students learn from anyone they don't trust, but painful experiences outside the classroom can cause children to be defensive once inside. 

The Pushing Pain Series is specifically designed for educators, executive leadership, and parents  to clearly identify the pulse of pain that resonates with most students, while aiding them in using it for their benefit. Special Student sessions are also available on bullying, esteem building and goal setting.

Key Benefits

  • Create a platform for students to begin confronting and managing personal anguish
  • Examine how to connect with struggling students through life experiences
  • Explore research based practices for catalyzing catharsis through literacy
  • Invoke higher order thinking skills and critical dialogue related to traumatic trends, including but not limited to:  abuse, suicide, ostracism, health challenges & loss 
  • Discuss empowering students to paint their pain prolifically through written and oral language development