Got a Minute?  Make It Count!

Dr. Carla Michelle Brown has enjoyed sizable success as she reaches the masses across social media with "Minutes" of meaningful wisdom.  Now viewed over a quarter of a million times across FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, Dr. Brown's first "60 Minutes" have become the anchor for her new book and interactive journal!

Those who purchase the e-book via Amazon can access links to her new YouTube channel @dr.carlamichelle and view videos with a single click.  Patrons who purchase hard copies can join her on the interactive journey of reading the text from the Minute and then writing their own sentiments, notes or plans on up to three blank corresponding pages for each minute viewed!

​This literary work is perfect for anyone who wants to take a closer look at how to gain and grow!  Make sure you get your copy for yourself, your family friends, or any of the groups you love.  It only takes a minute! to add this treasure to your own collection!